Sosua Youtubers And the Rush to Colonize the Dominican Republic

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There are a good number of good and bad Youtubers that have Sosua as their “headquarters.”, but what should we make of the trend generally?

I am not going to go into specific channels, but I will say that there are a few such as the one called “Educated Traveler” which is quite good.

The Good Sosua Youtubers: Educated Traveler

They who created the channel, and video, featured above has been at it for quite some time and deserves all the credit and thousands of subscribers that he’s gotten.

The Questionable Youtubers

There are more than a few unfortunately who really just revel in the fact their are 1000s of low-cost Haitian whores running around that will do anything for a half a schilling, for pocket change. I’m not sure if they really are that cheap as I don’t frequent them myself, and in fact I’ve found rather entertaining some of their videos recounting (and in many cases documenting via live video!) their struggles resolving the various “terms of the deal” after things had gone south between themselves and their paid one-night-stand. At any rate, I do understand that a good number of these chicas are not angels, and know full-well what they’re getting into. I witnessed a group of these expats one day, or night rather, when I was in Sosua: they were pissing on the street up against a place of business. Just a real lack of respect: many of these Dominicans rather look up to Americans and I can’t say it is a kind thing to do, showing so much disrespect. Many Dominicans have not had much in the way of education, or understand much history at all, and will have less of a chance to put this behavior in any context.

Migration to the DR en Masse?

Many of these same youtubers which I’ve described above and fall into the “bad” category also like to rail on about how the Dominican Republic is the new Promised Land, or something like that, and that people should find a way to live here permanently and buy land and homes. What? I think most of them are in a true alcohol-induced fantasy world. Virtually none of them have a strong mastery of Spanish, spoken/written or otherwise. Likewise, some of them have been here that long. A few who have been here a good 3-4 years, still can’t speak a lick of Spanish and I can tell they don’t read Spanish worth a darn either. In sum, they don’t have any real deep knowledge of this place at all.

I have not come to a sure conclusion as to what approach(es) would best discourage with this phenomenon (at least the migration part), or if there’s even a need to bother. Stay tuned! I may get a break through and I’ll post my musings here.