Finding a House for Sale in Puerto Plata is Not Easy, but not Impossible Either

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First Problem: the Dominicans Won’t Show Properties Via a Map

Some of them will, but many of the people who are assigned to get you to the destination will have an allergic reaction if you start pointing to various places and street on a Google map you’ve got pulled up on your ipad.   “No, no don’t worry, I know where to go.” is the response one gets. However, my issue is not that you can eventually find your way to a location you’ve been to yourself previously personally, and maybe grew up 6 blocks down from: what I want is to get a bird’s eye view of the three properties we are going to and think about proximity to the beach and other important points like transportation and the general neighborhoods. In fact the Uber drivers in Puerto Plata and Santiago (FYI there are no Uber drivers in Sosua, yep you heard that right: no Uber in Sosua) have a heck of a time reading their maps.

Many Dominican Real Estate Agents and Brokers will Not Show you Properties for Free

They usually charge about 1000 pesos, roughly $20 USD to show you a few. They often will not do it for free. This is a common phenomenon, I’ve noticed it in Santiago as well as Puerto Plata. Further, it often does not stop with just that 1000 pesos, they want money for little things here and there as well. For example the taxi fees and maybe coffee or to eat lunch with you for free as well. Actually, these latter “charges” really don’t bother me so much as I’m one who believes that “everyone eats, when people sit down to eat” even if some don’t have any food. It’s the Christian view I inherited, or learned, whatever the case may be.

Limited Selection with One Agent/Broker

If you just go with one agency the number of homes and condominiums you see will be very limited. They may or may not call a friend to get permission to show some other houses that they are in charge of. To find an expat agent or contacts for numerous agents in one place try: this real-estate platform in Puerto Plata.  If you are also considering Sosua, visit the same site for Sosua. They have lots of different agents posting properties on one site. Another option is to simply drive around in an area and write down the phone numbers of all the homes you see that are for sale or rent. Look on the signs and get the numbers. Do that even if you are not interested in a particular house. Then call all those numbers. You’ll end up making contact with seven or eight separate and competing agents right away. Obviously that is what you want.